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so it has been over three months since brittany left suddenly and she still hasn't said a word to me. i'm trying not to let it bother me too much, but she is (was? fuck idek anymore) my best/only friend and i miss her so damn much. she reactivated her facebook account a while back, and all she does is post pictures of her meeting all of her internet friends in real life and just sigh

everyone says i'm being stupid/petty/stubborn but i feel like after she did what she did, i'm allowed to feel like that? like, she and her family literally left overnight without a word to anybody and she continues to ignore me. i guess i just feel like i have a right to be annoyed with her. but then on the other hand i feel like i should be over it by now? idk. people keep telling me to just talk to her, make the first move, but i did that about a week after she left and she answered me about a week later in super vague terms so i told that if/when she decided she wanted to speak and be friends still, then i would be here. and yet.. nothing.

so yeah people keep telling me to talk her but i still feel pretty betrayed and i want to feel like she actually does want to know me still and like it's not just me trying and people just aren't getting that i guess???

sigh i'm just being dumb 
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